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Jupiter 5min

The Jupiter 5min strategy is a long-short day trading strategy that trades on 5min NQ bars.

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Jupiter 5min Strategy Overview

Key Features:

  1. General Settings:

    • Overlay is enabled.

    • Initial capital is set to $100,000.

    • Default quantity value is 1.

    • Bar magnifier is in use.

  2. Repainting Settings:

    • Signal repainting is disabled.

  3. Session Settings:

    • Custom time zone is set to "America/New_York".

    • Two trading sessions are defined:

      • Session 1: 0905-1540

      • Session 2: 0935-1555 (currently disabled).

    • Trading is active on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

  4. Strategy Side Selection:

    • Trading direction can be set for each day (e.g., Long, Short, or Both).

  5. DMI (Directional Movement Index) Settings:

    • Four DMI lengths are defined with corresponding ADX smoothing values.

  6. RSI (Relative Strength Index) Indicator:

    • Uses a length of 9.

    • Buy level is set at 23, and the sell level is set at 70.

  7. Signals:

    • Long signals are generated based on RSI conditions and DMI readings.

    • Short signals are similarly generated.

  8. Stop Loss and Take Profit:

    • Stop loss and take profit percentages are defined for both long and short trades.

  9. Strategy Entries:

    • Long entries are triggered by the long signal, during the trading session, and when no position is open.

    • Short entries are similarly triggered.

  10. Strategy Exits:

  • Exit strategies are defined for both long and short trades based on stop loss and take profit levels.

  • Session End:

  • All orders and positions are closed if the session ends.


This strategy combines multiple technical indicators, including DMI and RSI, to generate trading signals. It also incorporates session-based trading and allows for customization of trading direction on different days of the week.

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