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Trading Automation

By subscribing to TradersPost, you can seamlessly automate Pine Script strategies, facilitating the automation of futures trading strategies from TradingView. This allows for the direct streaming of your trades into the premier futures brokerage platform, TradeStation.

Send Signals to TradersPost

Create an account with TradersPost and setup your strategies to send alert webhooks to TradersPost from TradingView using the product's intuitive User Interface.

Running Multiple Strategies

TradersPost allow to connect multiple sub-accounts created in TradeStation. You can then pair individual futures strategies with the individual TradeStation accounts and execute them separately.

No Coding Needed

TradersPost does not require coding. You can easily connect strategies to TradersPost that other traders have created and published on

Execute Trades In Your Broker

TradersPost can execute futures strategies signals from the TradingView into TradeStation when the service receives alert webhooks from your strategy. .

Paper Trading

TradersPost empowers users to execute strategies within their paper trading accounts, a prudent step often recommended before allocating funds to automation..

Support Team

TradersPost boasts comprehensive documentation, complemented by a responsive customer support team always at the ready to assist.

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