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Altair 5min

The Altair 5min strategy is a long-short day trading strategy that trades on 5min NQ bars.

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Altair 5min Strategy Overview

Key Features:

  1. Signal Types:

    • Long

    • Short

  2. Multitimeframe Function: Allows the strategy to access data from different timeframes.

  3. Repainting Settings: Option to disable signal repainting.

  4. Session Settings:

    • Customizable trading sessions with specific start and end times.

    • Option to close all orders/positions if a session ends.

    • Customizable time zones, with a default set to "America/New_York".

    • Days of the week can be selected for each session.

  5. Strategy Side Selection:

    • Allows the user to specify the trading direction (Long, Short, or Both) for each day of the week.

  6. Trade Settings:

    • Option to enable or disable long and short trades.

  7. Indicators:

    • EMA (Exponential Moving Average): With customizable length and source.

    • TRIX: Separate settings for long and short TRIX indicators.

    • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price): With a customizable timeframe and source.

    • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence): With settings for fast, slow, and signal lengths.

  8. Signal Logic:

    • Uses a combination of EMA, TRIX, VWAP, and MACD to determine entry and exit signals.

    • Bullish and bearish checks based on MACD signals over a lookback period.

  9. Entries:

    • Long Entry: Based on conditions like price being above EMA, TRIX long being above its signal, price being above VWAP, and MACD bullish check.

    • Short Entry: Based on conditions like price being below EMA, TRIX short being below its signal, price being below VWAP, and MACD bearish check.

  10. Exits:

  • Long Exit: Conditions include TRIX long being below its signal or price being below EMA.

  • Short Exit: Conditions include TRIX short being above its signal or price being above EMA.


This strategy is designed for day trading with a focus on multiple indicators and session-based trading logic.

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