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Altair 1hr

The Altair 1hr strategy is a long-short day trading strategy that trades on 1 hour NQ bars.

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Altair 1hour Strategy Overview

Key components:

  1. Initial Setup:

    • The strategy uses a custom signal enum object to determine the trading signals: long, short, or none.

  2. Repainting Settings:

    • The strategy has an option to disable signal repainting.

  3. Session Settings:

    • The strategy can be set to only trade during specific sessions.

    • There are two sessions defined, with the option to enable or disable them.

    • The sessions can be set for specific days of the week.

    • A custom time zone can be set, with the default being "America/New_York".

  4. Strategy Side Selection:

    • The strategy can be set to trade only on specific sides (long, short, or both) on specific days of the week.

  5. Trade Settings:

    • The strategy has settings to enable or disable long and short trades.

  6. Indicators:

    • The strategy uses several technical indicators:

      • EMA (Exponential Moving Average)

      • TRIX (Triple Exponential Average) for both long and short trades.

      • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

  7. Signal Logic:

    • The strategy uses the MACD and TRIX indicators to generate trading signals.

    • There's a lookback period to check previous signals.

  8. Entry and Exit Logic:

    • Entry conditions are based on the EMA, TRIX, and MACD signals.

    • Exit conditions are based on the EMA and TRIX signals.

    • The strategy can also be set to close all positions if a session ends.

  9. Strategy Execution:

    • The strategy enters and exits trades based on the defined conditions.

    • There are conditions to ensure trades are only executed during the defined sessions and to prevent repainting.


The "Altair H1" strategy is a comprehensive day trading strategy that uses multiple technical indicators and has various settings to customize its behavior. The strategy aims to enter trades based on the confluence of signals from the EMA, TRIX, and MACD indicators and has specific rules for trade management and session handling.

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